White Rock Legion - Branch #8
Election 2019

Executive elections concluded successfully, on Sunday, December 9th, 2018.  The results and assignments are:

Dave Williams - newly elected as President

Pete Allard - re-elected as 1st Vice, Events & Entertainment.

Susan Comeau - newly elected as 2nd Vice, Ways & Means and Meat Draws.

Diane Charlton - newly elected as Secretary

Paul Charlton - newly elected as Treasurer

Hank Groen - assumes the role of past President, Membership and Zone

Re-elected to the General Executive were:  Al Gordon, Sports; Patti Smith, Sick & Visiting; Bruce Thompson, Honours & Awards; and Don Vilac, Sergeant-at-Arms.

Please welcome two new candidates elected for the first time, who will add renewed vitality to the stewardship of our Legion:  Judy Hazell, Advertising; and Robert Holvick, House & Grounds.

Appointed as non-Executive Committee Chairs are  Chris & Carol Voisey who will jointly assume the Poppy Campaign Committee Chair.

Not re-elected or choosing not to stand for re-election for 2019 are are Sonia Baron, Mark BechardLydia Hall, Bill McKay and Kelly McKay. The Branch and its members wish to thank these individuals for their past service and dedication.

New Branch Executive 2019

Don Vilac - Sergeant-at-Arms

 Photo credit: Bruce Holvick, O StJ

The Election General Meeting, where your 2020 Branch Executive will be elected, takes place at the Branch on Sunday, December 8th at 2:00PM. Nominations for your 2020 Executive will continue to be accepted at this meeting. Your branch needs solid member participation and turnout for this election. Please discuss with your fellow members and nominate your preferred candidates for 2020. "Particip8 at 8".

General meetings with your branch Executive are held on the fourth Thursday of every month, except for July and August.

Branch Operations Manual