Posted Feb 19, 2020

Poppy Campaign has concluded...

Thank you to all those volunteers without who's help this campaign would not have been a success.

Remembrance Day Ceremony

Date: November 11, 2019
Time:10:00 am
Place: White Rock Cenotaph 

The parade will line up at 10:00 am at the White Rock Elementary School; and marches off at 10:15 to the Cenotaph, followed by laying of wreaths at 11 am.

Branch 8 service starts at 10:50 am, with a flyover at 11 am.  

Children & Families can enjoy hot dogs after the ceremony at the Salvation Army, on Best & Roper in White Rock.  Otherwise refreshments & entertainment at the White Rock Legion...

Non-stop live entertainment all day from 1:30 until 11:00 pm.

Doors open at 11:00 am and bar opens at 11:05 am following the ceremonies.

Join in for a full day of entertainment with singers, dancers, pipes & drums.

cenotaphBranch #8 Cenotaph

Vimy Ridge 100 Years on April 9th, 2017

Canadian pilots build replicas of WWI aircraft to perform flyover

The following are excerpts from a letter sent by RCL White Rock, Branch #8 member Arlene MacKinnon with background and information on this project.

Allan Snowie and a group of retired Canadian pilots have fulfilled a dream, 9 years in the making, leading the effort to build six WWI fighter planes to honour those Canadians who bravely fought in the Battle of Vimy Ridge.  Sunday, April 9th, 2017 marks its 100 year anniversary.  This battle was victorious at a heavy cost of 10,602 casualties, and is widely considered "the Birth of a Nation" for Canada.

The mammoth project of this dedicated team of pilots is now a reality. Their six completed WWI fighter aircraft, four Nieuport XIs and two Sopwith Pups, were loaded aboard an RCAF C-17 in Comox last week,  they stopped enroute at Gander, Newfoundland to refuel.

Yesterday, Saturday March 18, 2017 they landed safely at Lille International Airport. Together with the RCAF C-17 crew, a good dozen local folks and our team they were off-loaded from their "mother-ship".

Here is the best news, Allan writes, "there is a very strong cadre of aviator and ground crew assistance on this side of the Atlantic, not to mention an extraordinary amount of media attention. Everyone wants to help in every way and all recognize that the 9th of April at Vimy is Canada's Day".

The Langley Museum crew and Ray and I will be arriving April 1st to find out our Duty List for the Exhibition Hall in Arras and the Airfield. Along with Ray, myself and our local Fraser Blues Flight Team and their families we feel honored to be a part of this 100 year Memorable Celebration at Vimy Ridge on April 9, 2017.

Below are links to YouTube videos narrated providing additional background and and air to air footage.

Vimy Ridge 100 Years Memorial Vintage Aircraft Mission

Bi-Planes to France

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